Types of philosophies..

I was glancing on a set of two books titled Types of Philosophies (Part I an II), when this struck to me.

How can be there more than one philosophy in the world?

See, there is only one truth in the world. If someone has some kinda philosophy of his own which is based on the truth he observes. If the truth is one, then everyone should observe it irrespective of himself. See, Truth is objective and one. Hence, the conclusions based on truth(philosophy) must be one.

Only one type of philosophy is right… All others are false?

But, the book said types of philosophies are: idealism, realism, mysticisms, etc…. How can more than one type of philosophy co-exist?

Any comments?


  1. Hey Paras,
    Your blog looks amazing.
    I am delighted to see that our interests coincide (Philosophy).
    Apparently, you are very much devoted to western philosophy
    than traditional Eastern one. I am reading/reader of latter.
    And, it also amuses me that ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ (Nietzsche)is missing from your read/to read books. I feel you should try it.
    Anyways, this space looks beautiful. Will read more when free.
    Until then! ๐Ÿ™‚

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