About Me


I’m Paras Chopra, founder and chairman of Wingify, the company behind the market-leading A/B testing tool: VWO.

Today, Wingify has grown to $24mn+ in annual revenue with high-profit margins without ever raising any VC funding.

For this accomplishment, I was recognized by Forbes in their 30 under 30 list (India and Asia edition).

I invest in startups

If you’re building something transformative and are raising a round, contact me. (I don’t lead though). My cheque sizes are typically $25k-$100k, but I’m flexible.

When you contact me, send me five bits of info about your startup:

  • What are you building?
  • Who is going to most benefit from what you’re creating and what’s the benefit they’ll get?
  • How are current alternatives inferior to what you’re building? (If required, feel free to provide a table or a list with alternatives)
  • Team CV / resume / profile (detailed, if possible)
  • Highlight a few self-initiated projects different members of the team have done before