Free Resources

Here’s a semi-random collection of resources that would interest the readers of Inverted Passion.


Several readers of this website have volunteered to help other readers by sharing their experience. Their experience ranges from startups to marketing to machine learning and beyond. To take up on their offer to help, check out this Google Sheet.

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The Last Sunday

Get reminded of how little of your life is left with each new browser tab! This Chrome extension shows you a visualization of how many Sunday are remaining in your life. It’s created to remind oneself that time in life is limited and (perhaps) not to be wasted.

I find that weeks left is a powerful motivator because in our busy lives we live weekend to weekend, and days seem to rush by super fast.

Photoshop for Mind

This Google Sheet is a thinking aid that I made to help me avoid cognitive biases and guide my thinking. I find that increasingly we’re outsourcing our thinking to Google and other search engines, and our ability to think is going down.

Using the sheet above, I was able to write my hit post on what made fidget spinners so popular (and lessons for products). The Google sheet has my thinking process dump as an example use case.