30 by 30

Update: 23rd November 2014. Struck a few more items (Only 2.5 years remaining to complete the rest. So. much. pressure.)

Update: 6th November 2011. Yay, striking off a few items of the list

The aim of this post is to list 30 things which I would want to do before I turn 30 (I turned 21 yesterday). Got inspired by this and this. So, here goes my list (in no particular order):

  • Learn to play Electric Guitar and start my own Rock band
  • Write a novel on my philosophy of life (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance style) (Wrote a 100+ page book on ramblings on Philosophy, titled ‘Mind, will you shut the fuck up?’)
  • Start a startup incubator (Ycombinator style)
  • Start my own (successful) startup (see Wingify)
  • Go to the moon (I know it sounds crazy!)
  • Earn Rs 100 crore (I know this sounds naive!)
  • Read thoroughly The Road to Reality
  • Publish a paper in Science or Nature
  • Reduce India’s poverty by at least 10%
  • Produce something creatively viral (I guess some posts that I wrote will qualify for that?)
  • Travel backpacking across Western Europe (Partially done. Did a road trip in Montenegro in Oct 2011; Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy in 2012)
  • Make a truly creative Artificial Intelligence program that can learn and perhaps pass the Turing Test
  • Make a short-and-slick movie that earns more than what it takes to produce it
  • Sponsor my parents’ world trip (I really really would want to do this) (yay! they’ve been to many, many places now)
  • Learn a foreign language (preferably Spanish)
  • Live for a year or so in Silicon Valley (doing an MBA/MS at Stanford perhaps?) (was there for a couple of months; realized the oppurtunity is here back in India)
  • Read entire Calvin and Hobbess collection (Bought the collection and started reading it)
  • Do Skydiving and Bungee Jumping
  • Spend a year or so at MIT AI Lab
  • Buy a (small) country (it is not impossible)
  • Read all the popular books on Philosophy, Psychology, AI, Sociology, and Cosmology (Ongoing effort…)
  • (My secret wish) Spend sometime somewhere without spending a penny from my own pocket
  • Produce a truly breath taking theory (in the leagues of Theory of Evolution, Relativity and Gravity
  • Travel to at least 30 different countries
  • Being featured in a good business magazine (Featured in a few already)
  • Being admired by businessmen, scientists and students (cough cough)
  • Learn to draw better cartoons
  • Read and understand the history of philosophy (Read Sophie’s world. History of Philosophy is next)
  • Read and learn about world’s religions and mythology (not interested anymore. Cosmology and mysteries of universe is way more interesting)
  • Make a 40 by 40 list

Hopefully, some of the things will come alive for me. So, life, here I come!


  1. @Paras: Interesting list. So, is everybody really making a 30 by 30 list? I have seen Abhilash’s and yours so far. Maybe, I should do a compilation. 🙂

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