Are we living in a simulation?

A short answer: Maybe, but I don’t care. Well someone has proved (mind the word) that there is a certain chance (he says it is 20%) that we are living in a simulation. The thought goes something like this:
1) In future, super intelligent organisms will be designing super powerful computers capable of simulating entire world (not atom by atom simulation but more on the lines of behavioral simulation).
2) Chances are that they will want to play some simulations of their past.
3) Chances are that our present world is actually a simulated reality.

Well, there is actually a research paper on this. But who cares?

But, actually, if you really care about the simulation argument and take it as truth, it might resolve many of the anomalies in the world. The following could be explained by the argument:
1. Religion (The designer of the simulation is the God)
2. Extra Sensory Perception (The designer just wants to play weird sometimes and have fun)
3. Mediocrity ( Why would designer want us to be perfect? )
4. The apparent paradoxes in Sciences

Your comments on this are welcome.