Biology is the reason

Samir Kumar in one of his comments asked:

“Why does man want to go to the next level? Why does he want to succeed? Why the greed? Couldn’t he survive successfully before inventing machines? Couldn’t he provide himself all needed pleasures without machines? What is the point of dreams and large empires? Why not lead a simple, quite life?”

Well here is my answer:

You have just pointed out one of the most popular debates of all time: art v/s technology battle.

Well, biologically, a man works and wants to outperforms the rivals to increase the probablity of finding a better mate. Everything is a result of this. The better he is the more healty he will get his mate and better his offsprings…

He dreams of machines coz it gives him an illusion (or some part reality) of power. And power is what he carves for. Because power grants him better mate finding rates…

Just think by yourselves: Isn’t everything which you do has a biological basis?? Every great scientists to great inventors enjoy making love more than pronouncing theories….


  1. What do you think, our president may have never fantisised? The biology is so complex that the ultimate reason is often hidden by the behaviorial complexities.

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