Black Tuesday (11 September)

The tragedy was so bad
The whole world is very sad
Thousands of lives were shattered
Left the earth
Made people cry whom they have taken and given Birth
Eleventh was an unlucky date
It opened the gate
Of heaven
To the people, who have died
Those went to their work
Had no sign of terror
On their faces
Died with a sign of terror
On our faces
People say God does good
But, this is worse than worst
Tuesday was a normal day
Nobody know, what is written in his fate He can die today
Or tomorrow
Four hijacks in an hour
How this could happen in a country
Which is supreme power
Those who left us
Their memories will stay in our hearts
And minds
Together we fight terrorism
Bring peace to the world
Vanish boundaries
One is world
One is universe
America had never seen this type
Of tragedy
President Bush had tears in his eyes
Sympathy for those who have died
And for relatives who are alone
Participate in the peace army
To fight terrorism
It is a request for you
And me
And for the whole world
Those who had done this
Should be punished not by
Army, not by economy
But, by themselves
Such a work of shame
They have done for mankind
Their inner heart cannot forgive
Nor the Almighty God
Pray for those
Pray for their relatives
Pray for their souls


  1. Hey i really liked the poem i injoyed reading it for it was all most like one i have written. One of my best freinds has left today to go to Iraq and fight for this horrible thing that had happend! It took me a surprise that someone human like us would have even done such a tradegy but i guss some people have so much problems they have to do something to ruin other peoples lives! well i guss i will let you go…

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