The law of Consciousness

Consider that you want to code software which is conscious. Then there is no method through which you can verify that the software is conscious. This is because of mind-body problem. Even if the software considers itself as conscious (first person perspective), but when you’ll examine the internal processes of the software you’ll find nothing but code and data relating to that software (third person perspective). Just because of data and information, software can’ be regarded as conscious because if regarded then every existing software would be conscious. In case, that specific software tries to convince you that he/she/it is conscious, you would probably assume but not be 100% sure that he/she/it is conscious because on reexamining it would still be code and information only and nothing new. Therefore you could only assume that the software is conscious and can never really be sure that the system actually considers itself as conscious.
This law states “The consciousness, in system(s) other than the system itself, cannot be verified it can only be assumed to be present.”