Definition of Life

Life – a molecular arrangement, which is thermodynamically not feasible/sustainable, draws energy from environment to continue the existence of more or less the same molecular pattern in the universe.

Here environment, thermodynamics and universe are the variable terms and their meaning is to be substituted according to the type of life under investigation.

What do you think people? Do you agree? Tell me are there any exceptions/surprises?


  1. Basically the argument about what is life where did it come from how do we know. Is rudimently unanswerable, to the extent of provability.
    To show unequivocally the origin of life is to answer the question of life. Therefore the answer is the question WHY?
    All other Questions pertain to the realm of scientific evidence who what when where how. But WHY is the only one that cannot be definitively answered unless you are the cause of all things. Being the cause of all things only you well know WHY? Since we are not the cause then the answer is the question WHY?
    Theoretically Mankind is the only intellect that can ask that question WHY? all other intellect is a response to me. I want, I need, I take I reproduce I I,I,I,…..
    All other questions are intuitively based on ME.
    All answers to all questions are about ME and how I fit into everything else.
    THEREFORE our biased response to all questions well be about ME.
    God therefore must be like ME
    We cannot relate to things that aren’t like ME.
    Have no other God before ME.
    I am. In me the hope in me .
    We take all information through our sense of ME.
    From this biased view point we distort what is and place ME at the centre with every thing revolving around ME.
    Some people have seen this and tried to take a step back to get a bigger picture, sadly however they think they have viewed all things from the out side when in reality they are internalizing everything and concluding with the centre still about ME.
    You see no matter where you go in this universe you must see it from your point of view and that distorts all things to an incredible degree and therefore we Can’t avoid ME.
    All things we perceive , we perceived because we are part of all things. We could not experience all things unless we were part of it therefore as God is all in all so too we are all in all.
    WE simply imagen God To be like us because we are intelligent we assume God is as well.
    Even though we are taught “your ways are not my ways” as a precursor to I am that I am. Self exitance is part of what makes us alive.
    We understand that Life can only come from pre exceeding life so we assume that life is a natural force that spontaneously creates the possibility for complexity that can be utilized to experience ME.
    Only by separating from the here and now then and there Space and Time do we glimpse that rare fact “that we are part of infinity.” there for what is not infinite cannot be self sustaining life is selfish. WE as life forms render all things to our utility and utility demands cause and effect. Otherwise why use a tool.
    We anticipate the effect that we cause. therefore we assume that the effect we experience had a cause. And that limits our ability to comprehend what caused everything in the first place and even in this, the very question bears a self loaded answer. WE answer the question by asking it. Where did we come from . Limits our origin to the questions “WHERE” as if there had to be a place and time from which we ourselves came and you see the dilemma we can only ask questions that can be answered to our ability to understand the answer.
    We have not yet thought out side the box.

  2. Although i think all life meat your criterias, i think there are also cases that meat your criterias and is not life, for example a motor, it draws energy and is sustainable (while it’s on) and continues the same pattern…

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