Digg that Science at ScientificDebate.com

Wouldn’t it have been really nice if there were an exclusive Digg.com for scientific literature or if Faculty of 1000 were free to access and open to all?

Well, the much needed service of the kind just described above has been launched in the avatar of Scientific Debate. It is a platform for post-publication discussing and rating of scientific papers. Anyone can post, rate and discuss about the scientific papers which have been published. This service is an important prototypic (or revolutionary, only time will tell) step towards a platform in science in which the importance of a work is not judged just by a handful of scientists on an editorial board of a conventional journal (or a citation service), but by many people across the world. I was waiting for such kind of service and now it has finally arrived. I thank the creators of ScientificDebate.com for bringing it on.

My best wishes for the ScientificDebate.com. I really hope the concept proves to be successful. Good Luck!


  1. Thanks so much for the comments! All we can ask for now is a broader level of participation from the scientific community. While we have had many new users register, we have only had slightly more than a handful post links to papers. So, please, contribute, discuss, debate, and encourage your friends to, as well!

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