DNA as dinner

Hmmm… It has been found that apart from carrying genetic information, DNA can also serve as a nutrition source for bacteria. Few strains of E. coli can even derive whole of their energy from DNA taken in by surroundings. It has been proposed that this might be a widespread phenomena.

I wonder what makes decide whether to eat DNA or to integrate it into genomes using transformation…

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  1. I wonder how much energy these bacteria can derive per BP of consumed DNA. It seems to me that, with DNA being plentiful especially for genetic devices, that DNA could be not only the program logic, but also the energy source for small genomic devices.

  2. Yes, I also believe that the small genomic devices can indeed derive their energy from worn off co-devices or the not-to-be-used-in-future components.. This way we will eliminate the need to supply external energy to them (well maybe, I think this wont be sufficient. external energy will have to be supplied.)

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