Finding My Passion

Here I found an excellent post on how to find your passion. The article presents you a list of questions which you must answer. Let’s see what is my passion:

1) If money was not a worry, what could you see yourself doing? What would you do for free?

Well, I guess, I would work on interesting ideas for free. I wish I could generate ideas day in and day out and make a quick prototype of those ideas. That would be awesome.

2) What do you do (hobbies or other), where you get lost in the “project” and time seems to “fly by”.

Again, when I work on new and interesting ideas. I really get lost when I am into something so deeply that I loose track of time. Possibilities excite me.

3) As a child, what did you enjoy doing? Do you still enjoy that “activity”ย, but in a more grown up sort of way?

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy pretty much everything. And, this behavior has not changed much as I am growing in age. I am a happy person after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

4) What are your strengths? Are you organized? Are you a care giver? Are you creative? Are you social?

No, I am not at all organized. But I am highly creative. My strength is to generate ideas and then bring them to life quickly.

5) What do others say you are good at? If you’re not sure, ask your family and friends?

Same, they think I am good at generating and implementing ideas.

6) What don’t you like to do? Oftentimes, admitting what you don’t like to do, reveals more of what you like to do.

Frankly, I don’t like to stick with a project for long; especially if does not turn out the way I wanted it to. I also don’t like to do monotonous things where I know what would the result be. I like to explore the unknown.

7) Do you feel passionate about something, but are too embarrassed to admit it to loved ones? Why?

Hmm… Not really.

8.) If you were to follow your passion, would others in your life “be left behind” Do they have to be? Or is there a way of including them?

No, they need not to. They could join me in this exploration or they could implement the ideas I generate.

9) Are you making excuses for not following your passion, because you might actually succeed? Are you afraid of success? Why?

Actually, I do follow my passion but I am presently exploring ways to earn money out of my passion. Perhaps consultancy would be a good way.

10) If you know what you are passionate about, can you find a way to begin that journey, plus do what you’re doing now? i.e. go to school part time? Follow your passion “after hours”?

Yes, as I said, on-demand idea generation consultancy would be a good option. But I need to look at the ways to market myself. And, yes, only part time for now.

11) If you admitted you wanted to follow your passion, and others laughed at you, or were negative, how would you react? Do you feel strongly enough about your passion to defend yourself? Do you really care what others think? Remember, many great inventors and big businessman were scoffed at.

No, I don’t care what others say. But I am realistic.

12) What “gets to you” Do you hate waste? Do you hate seeing children becoming obese by unhealthy eating habits? Do you hate paying good money, for an inferior product? What “puts you on your soap box”

I hate stupidity and righteousness. No body should be too sure of himself.

13) Do you see something, and know you “have a better way”ย?

Many things, but almost every idea of mine is already existing on internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

14) If you were on your death bed, would you have regrets because you did not follow “a dream”?

No, I am a philosopher.

If you answered “yes”ย to #14,

15) What’s stopping you?



  1. Id work on metaevolution as it provides a general framework for living organisms and thus future of my own specy (and consequently myself).

    Possessing a realistic general framework especially on living organism could eventualy unlock suffisant understanding (useful applicable knowledge) to remove me and others from the constraints of the evolution “razor”.

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