Hacking Successful: 24 Jan 2008

Dear Visitors,

The Immortal Blog and The BioHacking blog are no more. They were hacked on 24 Jan 2008. I lost all the data.

I could only recover data from the latest backup, which turns out to be of Sept 2007 era. So, my apologies for any inconvenience.

Paras Chopra


  1. Oh man that totally sucks!
    i thought maybe there was some problem with the server or something as the site was down!
    i was trying to access your page after your email on a comment of mine!
    this sucks!

  2. That totally sucks. I’ve had my box destroyed, virtually before my eyes, by someone trying to take it over to do ircbot stuff. When I tried to kick them off, they went to the root directory (as root) and typed: rm -rf *

    I’ve also had various internet shell accounts hacked, but fortunately they never wasted my databases or files, they just installed various scripts. Good thing you had at least a partial back up. Can you find anything on the wayback machine?

    Don’t let it get you down. Just back up and move on.

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