Here’s the Wingify story!

My startup, Wingify, got covered in January 2012 edition of Inc. magazine. It tells about the journey from first version to final product (Visual Website Optimizer). Read the entire article below:

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  1. Paras – awesome to see you featured like this. I am new to using VWO. But I’m hooked. I watched your interview with Andrew on Mixergy. About 4 months ago an IM guy named Andre Chaperon told me I had to use your product.

    I finally got around to testing it out on one of my sites. I ran into a small bug and your engineering team impressed the heck out of me by replying to every single question I asked within a few hours. Often replies came in MINUTES.

    You guys are kicking ass. You deserve the success you’re having. I absolutely love VWO. The support was the huge convincer for me.


  2. Saw your interview on Mixergy and got to know about your company. Have been stalking you ever since. You’ve built one of those companies which make India proud! Awesome job!

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