I am very proud to announce, a web app that I have developed.

What is is a slideshow for webpages, which are sourced either from popular websites such as, digg, google news, etc. or from a list provided by you or from a RSS feed(s).

For example, here is a guided tour of all I have done in my life.

How can it be used?
It can be used in a variety of ways:

  • For browsing the web lazily when you are too tired to do active browsing.
  • As an alternate way to access your RSS feeds.
  • To create a showcase of best posts of your blog.
  • To make a tour exposing best parts of your website.
  • Keeping track of best stories on the Internet.

So, people, have a look at and let me know your comments/feedback/criticism/bugs/rants/appreciation. Also, please note that the web app is still being tested, so if you come across any unexpected behavior, let me know ASAP.


  1. Good stuff are there! I have a small suggestion, if you would care to take it: Shouldn’t you start the timer after the entire page loads? Right now as it stands, the timer starts as soon as the page starts loading, and you really don’t get 60 seconds to go through the entire page.

  2. Hi Vivek,

    Yes, thanks for the suggestion. Will try to implement your suggestion. But, here, I fear that the limitations of Javascript and DOM will come into play. I have to check whether this is possible or not.

    Moreover, you can always edit the default time. Just click ‘edit’ link adjacent to the time.

    Paras Chopra

  3. Actually, I have done what Vivek asked for. Now, the clock only starts when the page is fully loaded. But, honestly, don’t know if that is what majority of users would want.

  4. hey paras i want to thank you for you this amazing web app it actually helps me go through the websites i visit everyday much faster and i was wondering if you will continue developing it ,i think it has a lot of potential and it actually can change the way people browse the web. also i think you should start talking about it and get the big bloggers like amit agarwal from digital inspiration mention it ,it could give your app a lot of exposure.
    thanks again and keep up the good work.

  5. Shreif, of course we will keep developing this app. Surely, we will soon start spreading the word about this app. Thanks for liking it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This is a fantastic service! I use it to gather together and read my RSS sites. Thanks!

  7. @shreif Nice implementation. But I think the length of the window in your webpage is very large. You can try to shorten it a little bit.

  8. Paras,
    Congratulations on a great idea. It’s given me ideas. I’ll be in contact.

  9. One month later after starting to use, and I continue to believe that it is a first-rate service!
    I use it to view my weather maps and other favorite websites. Thanks again so much!

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