Jeev – The Online Life Sciences Magazine launched…

For the past 3-4 days I was very busy with the wrapping up the inaugural issue of Jeev. It is an online life sciences magazine launched by me and my batch mates at college. I feel so happy and satisfied now.

It is really very inspiring for oneself when one taken an initiative without someone telling him to do so. This entrepreneurial spirit proves to be useful in life if developed earlier. I am so lucky to have developed it.

Now, back to the magazine. I am the Founding Member, Managing Editor and Chief Designer of the magazine. The first issue of magazine contains:


* Metaevolution: Evolution of Evolution

* Stem Cell Technology

* Fitness Genetics

* Hacking Evolution for living Indefinitely

* Microbial Forensics

* X Men: Fascinating Dreams or Imminent Reality


* Interview of Prof. Sriram Kosuri of MIT

* Company Profile: Biocon

* A Different Perspective

* Endnotes


* The Biology Quiz

* Web Resources for Biology

The magazine can be read at: Your feedback is appreciated. We also invite articles for the next issue.

Please, please, please be honest with your feedback as this is the only way I can improve ๐Ÿ™‚