Life without DNA?

We have been greatly conditioned to believe that the basis of life is DNA (or RNA in retroviruses). But what if I say that life has been found which is not made of DNA or RNA? To add to excitement, what if I say that the non-DNA life is not even earthly??

Well, don’t get too excited.. This isn’t proved yet but if the investigations in a UK lab come out to be positive, we may have to redefine what is life and where it could be found?

I am talking of the news story making rounds on the internet. The news story is about the possibility of the red rains of Kerela in 2001 being composed of extra-terrestrial microbes. The samples are now being investigated in detail but initial results indicate then it might indeed by biologically alive substances ๐Ÿ™‚

I am excited by the possibility of life being evolved somewhere else in the universe.. If this proves to be true I will be the most optimistic person on the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. This is because if simple life can be found so easily around earth, then there must be a great probability that intelligent life could be found little away(millions of light years) from earth..

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  1. dear sir
    i searched a lot regarding the lab report of red rain 2001 samples still i havent found any published report from any where if you have any report then please do tell me

  2. Is the last sentence of yours saying that the life on earth is not intelligent or less intelligent than the life that your searching for. Why we are so enthusiastic about the life beyond earth. Do we care about the lives that we have on this earth. Do we care about the farmer’s life of Andhra or do we care the life of numerous people dying in the bomb blast every week.

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