Mnemonic Dictionary: A Quick Review

A quick review of Mnemonic Dictionary:

  • Concept: Interesting. When I prepared for GRE, I used mnemonics extensively. So, thumbs up to the team for actualizing this concept of creating and sharing mnemonics for difficult words.
  • Team: Seems to be dedicated to me. While I must admit that initially I thought that the website is a hobbyist venture, now I feel that it is on a solid footing.
  • Revenue Model: It seems that their primary source of revenue is through advertisements. But it is interesting to note that they offer one-to-one sessions for GRE preparation. I wonder who is the tutor on the other end. Founders themselves?
  • Target Audience: Clearly Indian students preparing for GRE, GMAT or CAT. Most of the mnemonics include Indian connotations.
  • Suggestions: Rely on advertisements for revenue to a minimal level. Offline version of mnemonic dictionary. A better looking website. A section for mnemonics which are universal in nature (that is, the ones which are not just for Indians).

Any comments on Mnemonic Dictionary? By the way, what is your strategy for remembering difficult words?


  1. Hey paras,
    it is good see a review from you about mnemonic dictionary. you have raised some serious questions like who is the tutor? i would like to tell you that we have hired some professionals on contract basis for online tutoring. thanks for your suggestions about an offline version of mnemonic dictionary, off course we are thinking on that, but as of now we are planning to launch a book for gre students (GRE word list with mnemonic). I hope by doing this we will be able to reach our target audience through offline mode. mnemonic dictionary is still in developmental stage and we are working continuously to make it better. we are also working on to improve the mnemonic quality to reach to global audience. we have some plans and we are working on them, hopefully things will fall in place very soon. thanks for your valuable suggestions about mnemonic dictionary.

  2. We are also starting our SMS premium services.It is our another source of revenue generation as well as an easy mode to reach to people who face time constraint during their preparations.

  3. Learning vocabulary using mnemonic ‘sound alikes’ is great for the auditory learners. Take a look at This is a fiction based on multiple mnemonic systems that are integrated into humorous characterizations. This way both visual and auditory learners can retain the meanings at a higher level. It’s fun. It’s quick and it’s an efficient way to remember.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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