Music Genres and Programming Languages

Lately, I have been thinking that certain music genres correspond to the design, philosophy, practice and perception of certain programming languages. Let me know if you (dis)agree with me.

  • Pop is Java and .NET
  • Jazz is C and C++
  • Hip-Hop is PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Electronica/Trance is Prolog, Lisp and other functional languages
  • Nursery Rhymes is Visual Basic
  • Classical is Fortran, Cobol and Assembly
  • World Music/Fusion is Clojure, Jython, etc.
  • Rock is definitely Python and Ruby

Have I missed any major genres and programming languages?


  1. I’d put Lisp somewhere with Classical. VC++ with Trance/Electronic.

    Nevertheless, a very interesting idea in the first place. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Strangely, your blog displays ‘0 Comments’ and ‘3 Comment’. Other way round, eh ?

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