My Philosophy dated 15th June 2007

Pukhraj posted this comment on a post on this blog.

“Just gave a quick read through your blog. Stumbled here while searching for something. I was amazed with the commonality in thought, a certain “kind” of people have.

Your thoughts on consciousness, philosophy, entropy and existential angst are totally in line with what I (and some other acquaintances) have experimented in the past. It’s just that I have found a few definitive answers.

Apart from that, I am an entrepreneur too!

Be pure, be fundamental.

Just wanted to add one more thing. I have dabbled a lot with singularity, transhumanism, epistemology, existentialism, reductionism, Illuminati etc etc…to find the answers. I also understand why we even have the patience to hear people like Dawkins and his ideas like militant atheism. We are hungry.

But the only thing I would say is that – the West, with it’s extreme indulgence in renaissance-ish individuality, obtuse morality, sheathed conscience and placebo-ed science really hits the wall when investigating something as esoteric as consciousness and existence. Look at people like Sartre, Kerouac, Weininger, Nietzsche, Orwell, Dostoevsky, Machiavelli, Foucault, Freud, Kant. Look how they really hit the wall after a certain effort. The individuality, the ego to retain the purity of their thought, to be unadulterated makes them go berserk in the end (where insanity is a relative term). The whole setup around them failed to give them the right feedback and the “spiritual” perception.
On the other hand, the East just sucks with it’s orgiastic desire to fulfill the colonial ambition to become the new Renaissance man. And the thousands of years of existence have really twisted the notions such as God into some kind of anthropomorphic deities which we should respect out of fear. People worship Buddha and Nanak and not admire them as researchers. They were just a few researchers who did well. We should better read their “research papers” rather then drooling in the collectivist orgies. These guys were solid! After some definitive experiences with the consciousness, I tried reading them. They really think the way we think. And I don’t really believe in anything until I experience/experiment with it. Falling down and rising up strong, being a absolutist etc etc….

Here’s a quote from my blog:

Knowledge (not information – which has some current relevance) is passed from generation to generation, as a kind of gene. It’s inside us. You already know, what our ancestors knew. Most of our life is spent in verifying it. When you read a good book, don’t you feel as if, “I already know this” or “If I had written, I had written the same thing”? Analyze this, most of your favorite quotes by great people are like an extension of your own outlook. So you like the cohesion in thought processes, not that you learn something new. As far as information is concerned, it’s like the reoccurring proof of basic theorems of knowledge, time and again. Information science is a cycle and a shackle.”

Here is my reply to his comments.


Got your long but relevant comments on my blog. Yes, it is indeed surprising when you meet people who have similar thinking. It really adds strength to your convictions. Doesn’t it?

Really, I am quite surprised by the fact that my beliefs and convictions have evolved by such a radical degree that it is now hard to stay complacent with what I believe now. And this is because I never know if what I believe is really true (if at all we can classify beliefs as true or false) or not. Who knows, one year from now I might be laughing at my present model of the universe.

So, my biggest lesson in life (of just above 20 years) has been this: Enjoy life at the moment and leave everything else for people to think upon. I really believe that scientists and religious people are deluded lot in what they believe to be true. The only truth is that we shouldn’t be too concerned about things as things are liable to change and for every explanation about a thing, there is at least one more explanation which explains the thing with exactly the same accuracy and precision.

Hence, just enjoy little moments of life. You have everything in you which you need to make sense of life. We, humans, just love to complicate things.. 🙂

Paras Chopra”

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  1. Shoot! you knew karmicnirvana too?! Felt nice coming across this post. And the hsi dirt there was just for fun, don’t bother.

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