Queries to the almighty

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The so called God
Who are you?
Come down to earth
Open up the mysteries

How we came?
When we came?
How’ll go?
When’ll go?

Who made us?
Have you made us?
If yes, how?
If not, why not?

Given more brains
to humans
than animals, why?
Isn’t it a partiality

Had you any choice in making us
and universe
If yes, who gave you this choice?
If not, why not?

God started
the civilizations
Or Civilizations
made the God

From where you came?
Now, where to go?
What are your further plans?
Fate or Origin

Origin was great
Worse will be Fate
Why God will
want to destroy us?

God is almighty
He will do for universe’s benefit
Whether to fate this life
or to Origin a new one.

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