Social media of the future will be human-to-AI, not human-to-human

1/ The biggest issue with social media is the bootstrap problem. People with 0 followers get no interactions on their content, so have no incentive to publish. With AI, you have hundreds of personalities ready to give relevant replies to any posted content.

2/ And since AI replies can be made to be super-relevant, and since the majority of people don’t have many followers, it turns out that most people will start deriving a lot of value from feedback they get from AI.

3/ Those who say bots are annoying are missing the point that increasingly it’ll be impossible to distinguish between bot vs humans online.

If all you care for is likes, comments, retweets and can’t distinguish who is a bot, and who is a human, guess the end game?

4/ The end game is a swarm of bots giving instant gratification on social media to everyone who posts. Everyone will literally be a superstar in their own online bubble.

5/ This, paradoxically, will push more “influencers” towards offline events. The real world will increasingly be the only place where you can prove you’re a human, and can get genuine human-human connections.

6/ The online world (“the Matrix”) will be full of hyper-stimulating bots that humans will have no chance of competing with. Email? Porn? Twitter? Discussion forums? Good luck thinking there’s a real person behind these.

7/ Another impact of written content being commoditized is that people will push towards audio and video as primary modes of online interactions. Deep fakes exist, but AI is still some miles away to hyper-impersonating us in those mediums.

8/ That’s it!

Maybe it’s a bit premature, but I feel like declaring that writing is effectively dead, as whatever I wrote ChatGPT could have written.

When it comes to writing, I’m wondering what edge over AI do I really have?

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