Startup evolution – from idea to IPO in 10 really hard steps

1. Having an idea is easy (not a problem at all)
2. Creating a product is hard (development problem)
3. Creating an awesome product is even harder (execution problem)
4. Having people notice it is real hard (marketing problem)
5. Making people use it is very, very difficult (credibility problem)
6. Generating cash out of it is simply not doable (sales problem)
7. Generating money and being profitable consistently is impossible (business creation problem)
8. Having successful multiple product lines is you-must-be-out-of-your-mind (successful business creation problem)
9. Rejecting acquisition offers is way, way harder (because it is tempting and odds are that you will never reach till that stage)
10. Doing an IPO is the ultimate hardest but simply awesome


  1. Dont waste time stressing your mind too much man ….brilliance comes as a matter of luck and not by trying hard …either you have it in you or you dont !! So if you are not getting any good ideas or internal passion just give it up …..focus on better things in life .

  2. Awesome breakdown. I think a lot more people are capable of doing it than think they are though.

    Unfortunately, having a “real job” is hardly a guarantee of security these days. So people are under ever more pressure to venture off on their own. I think many people just either don’t know it or choose to ignore it.

    So, impossible as it may be, venturing is a great way to live an exciting professional life full of achievement (and failure). I choose to embrace it.

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