The Future of Human Evolution

What is the future of human evolution? Where are humans headed towards?

According to this article, There are few likely scenarios:
1. Humans divide into two different species
2. Humans get replaced by Artificial Intelligence through natural selection
3. Humans merge with machines to give rise to cyborgs
4. Humans spread to different planets and stars
5. Humans modify themselves genetically and give rise to super-humans

What according to you is the most likely? IMO, humans will advance the biological engineering to such extent that they will soon be much more intelligent, powerful and skilled than normal humans. And then to prevent death, they will soon use the computer technology to encode themselves into bits-n-bytes. Thus, the property of life and death which arises due to physical existence of an organism will soon become an extinct property since organism can then exist as information only.

But, then, I guess natural selection will operate on parameters other than just survival. Or will evolution one day won’t matter at all because humans (or whatever name which they are called by in future) would have taken control of evolution? I guess if humans go on killing evolution, a day will come when this will affect themselves in unimaginable ways.

BTW, I am discussing the same topic here and here.

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  1. You can no more eliminate or “take control of” evolution than you could eliminate or “take control of” the laws of thermodynamics or the laws of economics.

    Even among creatures that are far more advanced than us, there will be limited resources and competition for those resources, there will be some creatures that choose to produce copies of themselves (in varying numbers), and events that cause termination of an entity.

    We can thus expect that evolution will continue, though the current process of random mutation will be replaced by a process of intentional variance in design.

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