The Genomics of Dragon…

Here is an interesting bit of information. While the whole world is busy searching for Extra Terrestial life, some scientists are creating genomes for creatures that never existed. Genedupe’s researchers have synthesised genomes of Dragon, Unicorn, etc in silico.

The keyword here is in silico, which means these genomes presently only exist inside computer’s 0s and 1s. But, if the researchers are to be believed, actual experiments on creating such mythical creatures will be soon started. And yes, they are serious about these.

I am little bit skeptical about the ability of man to create creatures as complex as a dragon. It is not because man has not got sufficient skill or knowledge but the fact that it will require loads of time to do so. Nature has evolved humans in billions of years. Even if we can speed up this process by a factor of million, we still have to wait for a 1000 years to see a real dragon.

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