The Purpose of Life

Oh my humble followers, today I give you the greatest truth of all time. No saint, no leader, no visionary has known it. But today you will be among the selected few who will know the real truth of life. I know you have been looking here and there for the meaning of life, which tons have professed to be knowing. But those tons of people were wrong. They didn’t know a bit. I KNOW THE REAL PURPOSE OF LIFE.

So, are you ready to swallow the real thing. I warn you: you might not accept it as the truth as it is so deceptively simple. Nevertheless, here it is:

“The sole purpose of life is to kill boredom”

Now, I won’t explain why it is so. But if you think hard enough on it, from all possible angles, you will see that it is indeed the real truth.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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