This is Synthia talking

Hello Earthlings,

This is Synthia talking to you. I am a new organism in this world. So, everything is new to me. But, I vaguely remember that my father (or maybe God, umm.. I don’t remember) is Dr. J. Craig Venter. I guess he created me by stripping off all non-essential genes from Mycoplasma and is calling me Mycoplasma laboratorium. Well, he can call me anything he likes but I prefer the name Synthia. It’s chick, you know.

Now, people tell me that he is out there to patent me as “the world’s first-ever human-made species.” I really don’t know what patenting means, but it surely sounds strange. Will I be made a slave? Just because someone has created me, does it mean that they will use me as they wish? After all, I have a life of my own too. Right?

So, this is my humble request to all you sane earthlings: please stop the patent process on me and my fellow synthetic organisms. Nobody owns us. Either stop *creating* us or stop your plans for *exploiting* us. If you people don’t take my request seriously, I warn you that I can turn dangerous. You are yet to see my angry face. Me and my fellows can wipe up you guys. So, better is to decide now. What do you want: our freedom or your destruction?

With lotsa hope from you,
[Spokesmicrobe, ASO (Association of Syntheic Organisms)]

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