Want to become Bioentrepreneur?

You have heard the term technopreneurs. Now we have our very own term known as ‘Bioentrepreneur’. Starting a company and commercializing biology has always interested me. I, one day, will possibly become a Bioentrepreneur. The excitement of facing life head-on and creating money out of (almost) nothing has really lured me into becoming a research-scientist-cum-entrepreneur.

People tell me that starting a company in Biotechnology is damn difficult. Because unlike, technopreneurs, only garage and passion is not sufficient. You require loads of funding to buy equipment, hire researchers, etc. But, I don’t think this is correct. There is always a way of getting things done easily. BTW, I am in the process of starting a company called ‘BioNerds‘. More details on this soon.

As far as online resources are concerned, take a look at Nature’s Bioentreprenur at: http://www.nature.com/bioent/index.html

Good luck with your ideas.