Weird (but killer) uses of human tongue…

What can be exciting uses of human tongue:
1. Licking ice-cream
2. Having chocolate
3. Routing information from camera to brain (huh?)

Yes, researchers have developed a device, appropriately, called “Brain Port”. It uses tongue to transmit information from mechanical devices such as cameras, sonar, etc. to the brain. They have already demonstrated better viewing (using this device) underwater. In long term, I guess the device has potential to render sci-fi into day to day reality.

What interests me is how the brain deals with this extra information which it has never encountered before? I am talking about signals from SONAR, 360 deg camera, etc. Does it rewire itself? All the senses have dedicated sections where they are processed? Where are these new signals from extra senses processed?

It would be very interesting, if I find the answer.

Meanwhile, click here to read the news story.