Welcome to BioHacking

Ques: What is BioHacking?
Ans: Well, BioHacking is the art of hacking the biology. Simple, isn’t it? See, nature has mastered some of the best ways of doing things. On a cellular level, you can observe a hell lot of complicated but efficient logistics. Everything is so decentralized yet agreeable. And nature has also produced organisms which can metabolize waste products, detect nuclear wastes and innumerable yet to be discovered wonders.

This is wonderful but unfortunately we havent been able to tap this ability for our benefit. You may say there is Genetic engineering and Biotechnology. Yes, they are there but they are just the beginning. I am talking about grander things such as bacteria playing chess, farms of algae providing energy for inter-planetary journey, microbial intelligence replacing AI, E. coli on seek-and-destroy cancer missions in our body, merger of biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology, and many other futuristic bio-things.

All these things are grand yet achievable. And the art/science (it doesn’t make a difference yet) of achieving them is BioHacking. It isn’t a single science, but an amalgation of all the futuristic things which can hack the usual way of nature for our and its own benefit.

I intend to post a lot of links, articles, views and some of my own projects on this blog.

Welcome to BioHacking.


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  1. Hey paras,

    this idea sounds good. the biohacking is the science that can help human being in many a ways but there is a major draw back, that is we are playing with nature in this kind of experiments and this can lead to disaster that we may not have even thought too……… so this aspect of science as others having the dark side with its brighter side. So i think that we have to make the idea more positive and present it in front of society,the user at the end.

    Well, by this i am not going against your view but i am showing the hazards that are there in the future.

    best luck

  2. this topic sounds quite good.. but upto what level it has achieved success? and the main thing how much %age of todays public know about it?

    moreover biohacking can b used to make super virus 4 biological warfares.. wat do u say?

  3. The topic of BioHacking is getting popular day by day.. More people would know about Biohacking soon as research gets hot.. But I am not sure if they would call it BioHacking..

    Yes, I know the misuses of biohacking.. and it needs to be discussed before research goes mainstream..

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