What Hackers Need to Learn

To someone with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

More than for anyone else, this is most true for hackers. If they have learnt a new technology or a new methodology, they subconsciously hunt for where they can apply that new-new thing. When they have a so-called epiphany, they work like asses to come up with self-contained solution, which they like to call as a startup. Then they enter into a cocoon thinking that auto-magically their startup will be next big thing and probably change the world.

All the above is perfectly fine if the hacker knows that the chances of changing the world through his self-indulgent projects are slim. So, this is the single most important thing a hacker needs to learn: unless he is solving a real problem, it is unlikely that what he calls a startup would evolve into something serious.

The Hacking and Startup Universe

So all you hackers, get this: problems are separate from technology. Set your priorities right and later don’t crib that the world doesn’t care about you and what you do.


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  2. Hackers means technology. No matter what history/experience says hackers eat, drink and sleep technology.

    I cannot recall one single name in technology business started by a hacker only. Not in hackers guru Paul did great in business.

    You need a marketing/business genious as good as bill gates to sell what hacker like paul allen code.

    You meed a sells/marketing/branding guy like steve jobs to sell design of Woz.

    So better be let hackers do what they do best and find business guys who can market their code, design and can kick in fatass lazy hacker to create something useful.

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