What if terrorists become immortal?

One thing which I haven’t thought out… and it struck me this evening.. What are we going to do with the OSAMA-BIN-LADENs and other deadly terrorists and anti-social elements who will or can attain immortality… They wont die then, what are we going to do then…… How in this world are we going to eliminate them?

And what about wars? Will they be energy based wars(harming national distribution of common entities like electricity , water, internet, etc) instead of being human based??

I think once we attain global “Immortality” i.e. no one dies… The very significance of human life disappears… What will take its place will be “pleasure in living”.

As terrorists become immortal, so will the people whom they are targeting… so the very target of terrorists(human life) will change to something else… Maybe destroying power grid or blasting satellites… or something else….

What do you think, ppl, about this issue?