What is the Philosophy of Biology?

I seriously think that there is some kind of philosophy behind biological life. It is not created or infused by someone, it arises from the biological system itself. Take an example of identity of a single cellular organism bacteria. What is the point of its life, if it just has to divide and sacrifice itself for its two daughter cells. The original bacteria is no longer there, all there is two cells.

Well, going off the point, this is my philosophy about evolution:

I see evolution as a constant fight between two forces:

1. First one trying to preserve the genes of *best fit* organism so as to continue the existance of life.

2. Second one trying to diversify the genes of *best fit* organisms so that life doesn’t miss any organism which can be potentially more fit than currently *best fit* organism.

Here I call life as a collective of all living organisms.

So, evolution can be visualized as life trapped between two opposing forces.


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