What makes me unique?

Yet another post on me. ( Well, this is *my* blog, so what else do you expect? )

What makes you unique / How does your personal brand differ?

Well, this is certainly THE most interesting question one can answer. As they say, perhaps in a bit oxymoronic manner, “Everyone is unique”, I am unique too. But I believe that not all people are unique by the same degree, some are more unique than others and that’s what stands them apart from the crowd. And I am the most unique of all. (Arrogance and self-righteousness is a general character of highly-unique people).

Enough of my thesis on uniqueness, let us get straight to the business. My varied interests and incessant thirst for knowledge is what makes me unique. Have a look at my interests: Philosophy, Evolution, Biohacking (yes, you read it right), Cosmology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Programming, and Entrepreneurship. And as I describe in rest of the post, I haven’t written these terms out of the blue, they are adduced by relevant examples.

Starting with Philosophy, I have a habit of thinking about every damn issue on earth. My mind is always buzzing around with thoughts; my face is mostly wearing a grin at foolishness of people and futility of everything. I have written down my thoughts here and here in detail. Have a look at them if you care (or want to care) about the world as I see it.

For Evolution and BioHacking, I have many things to boast of. On my Biohacking blog, I regularly post all the crazy stuff happening in the world thanks to adventures of biologists. I also discuss different facets of evolution such as Effect of Intelligence on Evolution, Was life inevitable, Is evolution predictable, etc. Having made many good friends (who are interested in BioHacking and all) through my blog, I feel myself as an intellectual person who is highly regarded by his peers. (I am on a egotistical trip these days).

Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate destination of humanity, and I help pacing towards that goal. I have implemented (and applied as well) numerous artificial intelligence techniques such as Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Self Organizing maps, etc. I have also written tutorials to help newbies jump into these fields which seem frightening at first. The best thing about my interest in AI is that it originated when I was in my 9th grade in school; pretty early, isn’t it?

Back in the internet bubble days (that is 1999, for the ill informed), everyone was starting up his own company. So, not wanting to be left behind, I also established my own venture: NaramCheez. The only difference between other startups and mine was the founder’s age: I was just 14 then. Also, the name NaramCheez is also interesting one because it literally means Software in hindi. My software were featured in many magazines such as India’s Digit, Germany’s PC WELT, etc. And I was also featured in a, now defunct, magazine called [email protected] as the youngest Indian CEO. (Now, I honestly don’t believe that. There might be others as well).

You might be thinking that all these non-academic activities might have made me an average student in academics (due to time shortage, that is), but, no, I have been a topper in all my college semesters ( with an aggregate of 80%) and in my 12th grade (with an aggregate of 91.4%). I am also much active in computational biology research as my two publications in an international journal shout: SHOUT and SHOUT.

And yes, I have a life too. I like hanging around with friends, having fun, watching movies, and doing all that stuff which is cool. In a nutshell, I am a businessman, scientist, philosopher, and a normal guy, all rolled into one. And that is my unique brand. Amen!

PS: Have a look at my resume here.

PPS: BTW, I also won a book, How Innovators Connect, for writing this post on techTribe.

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