10 Blogs Indian Entrepreneurs Must Regularly Visit

In this post I give pointers to 10 (now 13) blogs which an Indian entrepreneur or anyone interested in setting up a startup in India must visit:

  • Pluggd.in: Among other content, this blog has comprehensive posts on how to setup a business in India, legal issues surrounding this process and other considerations.
  • VentureWoods: A community blog by the best of the best in Indian startup and venture capital circle.
  • DesiStartups.in: A blog by my friend Prabhu.
  • Startups.in: A (relatively) old and big blog.
  • StartupDunia: Another good blog focusing on featuring Indian startups and startup related news
  • IndianWeb2: As its name says, a blog on Indian Web2.0 startups.
  • Proto.in Blog: The official blog of Proto.in.
  • AlooTechie: Everything about technology and startups.
  • WatBlog: This blog, written by my friend Rajiv, is mainly on news about startups and use of media by startups.
  • Trak.in: Tracks Indian business and startup scene.

Have I missed any blogs? Please let me know.

By the way, if you want to avoid the hassle of individually visiting all the above mentioned blogs, have a look at StartupLogic India. It aggregates posts from all these blogs plus startup jobs, events, news, etc.

1. Vijay pointed to WebYantra (so called TechCrunch of India), Rajesh Jain’s Emergic (not updated as often but is extremely insightful).
2. Mahesh pointed out Wireless India blog which is more about Indian startups than wireless technology.

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  1. Hey,

    Where’s Rajesh Jain? And quite honestly speaking, the Proto.in blog doesnt get updated as frequently as it must ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rajesh Jain’s blog is not updated often. Plus, he sometimes writes about personal life. I have featured here the blogs which are solely dedicated on Indian startup scene.

    But anyhow, am adding his blog to the list.

  3. Dude you really miss the most GUSTY blog from Sujai [Sloka Founder].

    His blog: http://windia.blogspot.com/

    and only blogs that i like are pluggd.in, windia.blogspot.com/ and some very very few within 10 blogs.

    All these ppl have great experience of startups.

    if you want my opml you can mail me i will give my >900 site feeds related tech biz entrep and startups.

  4. Nice compiling … however, i have something different opinions ..

    First .. Startups.in is not a blog… it is a mashup of popular blogs…very good at it …. i came to your page thru that only…. i really love that.. no need to visit all the blogs … just one indian.startups.in/news is enough…

    Secondly, watblog.com …. do you really thing they are into startups …. i have seen that blog … but it is no where close to help any indian startups … baring a few though …

    Recently the articles they are having are not about startups … but look for the popular ones … And also .. they seem to remove the links from their blog comments … which they should not really be doing ….

    I loves Vijay’sblog … but of late he is not updating his blogs at all … Vijay is it the twitter effect? …

    plugged.in and venture woods are really very good ones …

    I think … bookmarking http://indian.startups.in/news would be enough …. to get all the articles of different blogs …

    I only wish .. they do some thing to remove duplicates from the list and also the personal ones …

    Of late the articles are pouring in think and fast in the startups.in…. and it has been difficult to keep track of them all …. specially with many being duplicates…..

  5. @Paras ….

    I think one can skip watblog and do with alootechie and techcrunch…..

    I agree watblog is updated regularly, however, it is not ideal for a Indian entrepreneurs, coz you dont get to learn much and most of the time, you are lead to various different topics based on popularity factor.

    However, all the posts of watblog does feature in indian.startups.in/news

  6. I agree with Rashmi, I dont like WatBlog either, they just do the copy-paste job from Google News, than why should any one go there…I like IndianWeb2.com and Pluggd.in and somewhat Webyantra though webyantra updated once a fortnight and even more delays nevertheless a good start-up related blog.

    ..also you missed Digital Inspiration (Labnol.org) of Amit Agarwal …it could be good source to entrepreneurs to some extent..I know its more about tips, tricks and IT guide but good source of news and reviews

  7. @Mayank: Yes, I agree with you that Labnol.org is a good blog but it is heavily titled towards IT, which is not relevant to this post.

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  9. This is a great collection of entrepreneurs blogs. Really these blogs have huge knowledge. I have been reading few blogs from last one year. These all are very beneficial.

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