Why do this? Why create? Why pursue excellence?

Why do this?

I’m a nihilist. I don’t believe there’s any externally given meaning to our lives. Some people find the lack of an authority like God depressing, but I find it liberating. Devoid of any external guidance, humans truly have limitless potential and can do amazing things. There’s no one to say: ‘hey, that’s not allowed’. Whatever Physics doesn’t forbid is doable.

For me, what gets me up from bed every morning is to create things than nobody else has thought of before.  ...  Read the entire post →

10 Blogs Indian Entrepreneurs Must Regularly Visit

In this post I give pointers to 10 (now 13) blogs which an Indian entrepreneur or anyone interested in setting up a startup in India must visit:

  • Pluggd.in: Among other content, this blog has comprehensive posts on how to setup a business in India, legal issues surrounding this process and other considerations.
  • VentureWoods: A community blog by the best of the best in Indian startup and venture capital circle.
  • DesiStartups.in: A blog by my friend Prabhu.
  • Startups.in: A (relatively) old and big blog.
  • StartupDunia: Another good blog focusing on featuring Indian startups and startup related news
  • IndianWeb2: As its name says, a blog on Indian Web2.0 startups.
  • Proto.in Blog: The official blog of Proto.in.
  • AlooTechie: Everything about technology and startups.
  • WatBlog: This blog, written by my friend Rajiv, is mainly on news about startups and use of media by startups.
  • Trak.in: Tracks Indian business and startup scene.

Have I missed any blogs? Please let me know.

By the way, if you want to avoid the hassle of individually visiting all the above mentioned blogs, have a look at StartupLogic India. It aggregates posts from all these blogs plus startup jobs, events, news, etc.

1. Vijay pointed to WebYantra (so called TechCrunch of India), Rajesh Jain’s Emergic (not updated as often but is extremely insightful).
2. Mahesh pointed out Wireless India blog which is more about Indian startups than wireless technology. ...  Read the entire post →


Well, u have heard Encyclopedia.. Here comes the Uncyclopedia. A spoof of wikipedia, community-written excellent humor. Check the Best of Uncyclopedia by [URL=http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Uncyclopedia:Best_of]clicking here[/URL].

INDO-PAK Tension

Click the title to view the poem....
We were one,
Since 1947, we began to run,
For reason was none.
Because some selfish persons wanted to lead, Partitioned us because of their greed,
At that time a little unity among us was in need. 50 year...