Artificial Neural Network to judge beauty?

Hi All,

Artificial Neural Networks have been trained to detect faces. However, is it possible to train a network to pass a judgment on how beautiful a face is? It can rate a face on some scale, say 1-10.

Secondly, can ANNs be trained to distinguish between male, female or not a face??

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get judgments on your beauty by a software??

Paras Chopra


  1. myself in 3 yr electrical engg .well it can be done using some of the face characterstics such as depth of cheeks,forehead,part near lips…each one of them have acertain weight associated with them.adjusting those weights,or more properly clustering those weights might judge this human quality….well i am currently working on image compression with nn….hope to add this charactersticafter reading this……

  2. @Kanishka

    And then we can also “see” (made by the same software) “The Most Beautiful Face !!!”

    i know the last comment on this post was in 2006 !

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