Putting Man on the Moon….

Perhaps the biggest achievement of man ever was putting man on the moon. I am not talking about the event itself but the abstract idea of the ability of a thinking machine (man) to surprise his future (us) to the grandest extent possible.

Zee Studio channel on the TV is showing the series “From The Earth to The Moon”. The serious is so perfect that it induces a druggy effect on me. When I imagine what was probably going on in the mind of Neil Armstrong, I just can’t express the pleasure I derive from it.

Apollo mission was, of course, a great feat. The moon which we see from here, so beautiful, has been visited by a man. Not just the US, and not even humans, but whole of the earthly life should be proud of it.

I keep on thinking how lucky would be the people who actually witnessed this event. Why was I not born before??? Can such a moment of this scale be witnessed again?? No, man going to MARS would not be a great deal. This is because we have already visited a non-earthly body (moon). Perhaps some other wild abstract idea can arouse same feelings. I think meeting an ALIEN life form could be equally, if not greater, event in earth’s history.

But, I wish I would be the first man to see an Alien….