Are You Guilty of Not Solving World’s Problems?

I am. Having read this article intensified my guilt. Aren’t there enough web mashups already? Do you really need to create yet another social network? Web entrepreneurs today are so hallucinated by their own culture that they have forgotten that there is a whole range of important problems to be solved for which the internet is not necessarily the panacea.

I am not suggesting that what they are doing is wrong. In fact, they are making best use of what they know. They are making cool virtual pets simulations, social networks for cats, amazing google maps mashups and a ton of amazing applications which really have potential to revolutionize the world. Imagine, how the world would be transformed if all the cats in the world could actually communicate over the internet. But – here comes the reality – apart from a (very) few cases (read Facebook, Youtube, etc.) the potential for these web apps never seems to be realized. Millions of such useless apps hopelessly float around the web, waiting for someone to discover and use them. ...  Read the entire post โ†’

Is Universe = Mathematics?

Stumbled across an excellent article in which a scientist shares his thought on whether universe is actually made up of mathematics. My personal view (as if it actually matters) is that it is a very intriguing possibility. Imagine if all mathematical objects are actually their own universes. This way, we would have infinite universes and the grand question of why our universe is special would be solved. Our universe is not special in any way. It is just one of the infinite mathematical objects. The numerals 1, 2, etc. would be making their own dull universe. Our universe could be a very, very complex mathematical object. Wow! This is thing is pretty cool. ...  Read the entire post โ†’

Bizzare Universe

What is the fate of our universe ultimately? Does the fate keeps changing as we make up new theories? Now, a [URL=]new (weird) hypothesis[/URL] for the fate of our univers...