Hindi’s First Social Network – Kindo.com Launches in Hindi

Following is straight from the Kindo team:

We had been working hard on the release for quite sometime and we’re quite excited with this Hindi launch. We believe that the service would provide tremendous value to the Indian families across the globe. Especially ‘Indian students and engineers’ now living in the US, UK and Australia can easily create a network of all of their family members. Hindi is one of the most popular languages and is amongst the top 3 widely spoken languages.

For more information about Kindo’s Hindi version please visit http://kindo.com/index.php/?lang=hi-utf-8.and select ‘Hindi’ from the language category.

I personally feel it is a good initiative but wonder how many people would actually want to use a Hindi social network. The point with local languages is that either the entire internet experience should be in the said local language or there should be none at all. Won’t users find it hard to switch their frame of mind when they shift from one website to another (which is in a different language)?

Perhaps, the Kindo team can shed some light on the philosophy and the current number of registered users for Hindi language.

Do you think there is a need for Hindi language social network? What is your take?