How do I live my life?

Umm.. That’s a pretty awkward question to ask someone. (Anyhow, its me only who asked, but I will assume that you are intensely curious to know the answer). But since this question has been asked I have no option but to answer.

Well, to be short and precise, I live my life in a way that should look cool to me if I were watching myself. Every action I do, every decision I take (well, almost every; there are certain actions and decisions on which you don’t have any influence) is intended to look cool to me. In short, I aspire to be me.

This may sound a little wishy-washy, but this is how everyone should live. People generally don’t live up to the principles they admire. If they have a concept of coolness in their mind, they would admire it, but would never live their life in that manner. They just behave what other people think is right (leave alone cool). And then, their life is boring.

For example, I admire Calvin in the comic strip [i]Calvin and Hobbes[/i] so I try to act like him; consequently, anyone who likes Calvin should like me too, and I think that would be cool.

In a nutshell, I live myself in a way that when described to a replica of me would fill with admiration for me in him.


  1. I’ve read ur blog it’s nice, I also have wonderful life but I have dreams too and want to live that dream ( glamour life) but I cannot and because of this I m not be able to do that thing properly in what I m … so please help me and give solution .tnx

  2. I also read ur blog and I really like it, I am one who live in this world that curios on how to live life to the fullest . Maybe I can do good and bad things but sometimes I can’t handle it properly. So please give me some ideas to solve my problem.Thanks.

  3. Live is up and down if well define but sometime small dessicion make lead to big mistake in life, how can mistake making be avoided? Dessicion making be guided? Tips on how to live ideal life

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