Why do I remain bored 90% of the time?

90% may be an exaggeration but I really remain bored most of the times. This is because.. i dont know, i am too bored to write.

Very concisely: I despise watching TV and wasting time. I generally despise myself when I am not doing anything worthwhile (including having fun), so I cannot just do nothing. Consequently, I get bored… bah..


  1. Yeah.. You pointed out right. I am quite anxious most of the times.. Anxious for any damn thing worth its price..

    But, Marok, I am afraid I dont know how you know me so well..

  2. Well, you need to find something that attracts you, and i am talking about work that gives you professional satisfactions. You need to start building something that you care about. Having fun is not a good option for escaping from boring. This only depends on your motivation.

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