Is mathematics independent of science?

Which is more fundamental to the world: Mathematics or Science? Are the mutually exclusive? Is there somethings such as particles and forces in maths and differentiation and square root in physics?

I think that maths are science are ultimate a type of single unified subject, let us call it subject “X”. So is philosophy subject X? I don’t know but it is a close candidate..

See mathematics is a tool which solves science problems.. Not solves but aids.. Can science sustain without maths?? Yes, it can , but it would make the life of scientists hell. And the science in turn gives life to abstract concepts of mathematics.. Does 1 exists without intelligence? Is mathematics independent of the one practicing it? I don’t think so.. But science certainly science is.. Then, does it make science superior to maths?

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  1. Bt i think maths is nt independent frm science(physics). If we hav nothing to count, then how maths will work there. If we see something first we try to think what is that? Then i come to point how is it? What mean answer give s us science. And answer of how gives us maths(structure,feature,etc.)
    bt its clear that both r dependent on eachother.

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