Meet the Biohackers..

New Scientist has released a story on Biohacking via Synthetic Biology. It is about the pioneers in the field (read Knight, Endy, etc). This story surely demonstrates that biohacking has finally come to the limelight (which it proudly deserves). The title itself has the term “bio-hackers”, which gives me a sort of satisfaction that I am on the right path. Now my only hope is that this term shouldn’t be misunderstood.

The literal meaning of hacking is context-dependent, however the geeks use it to signify their achievements in tinkering existing systems. That is what the bio-hackers are trying to do. They are trying to hack the natural processes of biology to create exciting stuff. Apart from being exciting, this stuff may also have commercial applications and may even re-define the economy in future (as electronics has done for 20th century).

Click Here to read the article/story featured on New Scientist. Note that the full-text is only available to premium members (who pay subscription). I have the full-text with me. If anyone wants it, just give me a mail.

P.S: The article doesn’t mention anywhere about this blog. ๐Ÿ™
I guess I need to really popularize the blog.