Synthetic Biology 2.0 Conference at UC Berkeley

The Synthetic Biology 2.0 conference is being help at UC Berkeley. The researchers there are expected to take radical decisions for the field. They have already taken the decision to “self-regulate” the community by boycotting the gene synthetic company which do not employ high standards of order screening to detect if it concerns to the synthesis of a deadly pathogen. However, some 35 groups have condemned this proposal as not strict enough and not including issues such as effects of synthetic biology on environment.

In my opinion, these opposing groups are correct. Only a handful of researchers gathered at a conference should not be the only ones who decide the policies and future of the “potentially-dangerous” field such as synthetic biology. This issue must be open to international community and then only the policies must be drafted.

Live Reports from the Conference by Rob Carlson
1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV

These reports are interesting to read and very informative.