Quantum Mechanics and The Theory of Evolution

I had a wild thought yesterday. The Theory of Evolution can be analogous to the Theory of Quantum Mechanics. I know this might seem ridiculous, but I may try to explain it a little bit. See, the states of a particle (position, momentum, spin, etc.) may be compared with the genepool of a species (or all life). Given the current state of a particle, we can never precisely tell the future state of the same particle. This happens due to inherent randomness in quantum reality.

The same can said for the genepool also. Given the genepool at a particular time, you cannot predict the genepool in the future. This is because you cannot predict the course of evolution. There is inherent randomness in the evolutionary path.

Keeping these fundamental points in minds, we can compare this two (seemingly) unrelated fields. How about using Schrodinger’s equation for evolution? This would mean that each type of genepool has a probability value attached to it. Some genepools are more probable and some are less probable.

We may also use some of the principles of evolution such as Natural Selection for describing the quantum phenomena. Why is it that a few states of a particle are more probable than others? This may be due to the selection of those states by the environment. This means that environment which comprises of (competition from) other particles affects the state of the particle.

I think this analogy should be given more thought than I have given to it. The above argument may be scientifically wrong in many ways, but I hope I have conveyed the spirit which I wanted to.

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