Science questions….

Below are the questions which I think are really worth to be pondered over:

1) Why does a system wants to stabilize? Why does it wants to minimize energy? To this question I’ve got no answers. No matter which teacher I ask to, I do not get the answer. Now, dont tell me that this is because Mr. Thermodynamics says it so. You should remember that there is still no proof of Laws of Thermodynamics. One case against it; then it’ll be disproved.

2) Why is the velocity of light 3×10^8 not 2×10^8 or any other value? Or more generally, What governs the value of universal constants?

3) What is life? The most basic question. But, still unanswered. I think there is no answer to this definition because life in its diversity has fuzzy characteristics. Can there be silicon, sodium, etc based life? Suppose we replace every carbon atom in body with a silicon atom, would that still be called life?

4) Can machines(or programs) ever conscious? If yes, how can we detect they or conscious? What is the test for consciousness?