The more you know, the less you believe

A man with one watch knows the time.
A man with two watches is never sure.

– A version of Murphy’s Law

But this law is much truer in reality. Today my long held conviction was shattered when I realized that the Big Bang theory is not the reality of world. It is merely a hypothesis and other theories do exist.

It is not that I have started rejecting Big Bang as a viable model of our universe. It is the most popular model which has made several predictions which match with the observations. But the key point here is the word popular. Any belief held by 99% of the population does not convert it into a fact.

The other theories, clubbed as Alternative Cosmology Theories, also make predictions which match with observations and are equally interesting. So when I came to know about these theories I really realized that theories are theories after all.

So, when I knew only about the Big Bang model I was happy and satisfied to know about the universe as the theory told me but now, since I know that alternative explanations for the same set of observations do exist, I am unsure of what my universe really is. Please note that I am in now way promoting alternative cosmology theories. It is just the fact that I, now, have realized that no theory should be taken as a fact, no matter what.

By the way, check out the basics of these Alternative Theories at:


  1. Dude!! Are you some kind of einstein of India?? visited ur website…excellent….both you and your manner of presenting things….I am a to-be-lawyer……greatly imprssed by your stuff and specially the immortality thing…wish u luck ahead!!


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