Explore algorithm implemented (and modified!)

Modified Explore algorithm at: http://www.paraschopra.com/projects/explore/

A week ago, I set about to implement my Explore algorithm in Python language. Today, I have successfully completed its implementation and wow, it is working fine. I think it is even better than Genetic Algorithm.

But in the process of implementation, I had to make a few changes in the algorithm. These change are minor but significant. An example of change is that in the original algorithm I postulated that swapping means changing group without changing the position but now, swapping means just swapping the position while leaving everything else intact.

Also, now the best individual is fixed on its place. This means the fitness of a solution can only increase and can never decrease.

What do I do next:
* Release the source code
* Write a tutorial on it
* Test more real world problems
* And finally publish the algorithm in some journal